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About Slab Leveling

Quality concrete repair at a fraction of the cost of replacement!

As concrete driveways, sidewalks, stairways, and slabs settle, the concrete will crack and sink due to the unstable soil beneath. Not only is this a poor sight, but the settled concrete is a trip hazard to your friends and family.

Luckily, concrete slab leveling can be performed professionally by LevelPros without the need for the slow & expensive tear out and replace process usually used to fix settled concrete. We use high pressure injection machines to pump cement based grouts under your settled concrete, this allows us to raise your concrete back to its proper position.

Slab leveling is financially affordable and much quicker than replacing your concrete.  At a fraction of the cost of replacement your concrete will be ready for use the very next day, slab leveling with LevelPros is the obvious choice.  Let us put our 45+ years of concrete repair experience to work for you.

Concrete Slab Raising

LevelPros is a seasoned professional and we will make your concrete slabs beautiful again. Customer service is a huge focal point for us as well, we try our hardest to leave a positive and lasting impression on each and every project.  Please call us today for a free quote and project evaluation.  Tel. 435-214-1717

Here is some additional information on how Concrete Leveling is performed by LevelPros

Our concrete slab leveling process takes only a few hours and you can drive or walk on the repair the very next day.

Step 1

Concrete Leveling - Step 1
1″ holes are drilled into carefully calculated points on your settled concrete slab to allow our cement based grout to be injected beneath the surface of the concrete.

Step 2

Concrete Leveling - Step 2
Our high pressure grout pump (up to 800 PSI) is operated by our certified and trained technicians to strategically inject our cement based grout mixture through the 1″ dia drilled holes for precise leveling.  Our cement based grout mix outperforms and lasts longer than other “mud mixes”.  We also use family friendly cement based grouts only – we do not use toxic, low strength foams.

Step 3

Concrete Leveling - Step 3
Our trained concrete technicians beautifully patch the drilled holes.

LevelPros, The Concrete Leveling Professionals That are Committed to Your Needs

If quality is important to you… then the professionals at LevelPros are ready to lift and level your concrete driveways, sidewalks, steps, and slabs!

Our concrete slab leveling service extends to all of Washington County and Southern Utah. Why settle for settled concrete? Have it professionally leveled by LevelPros!

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